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15April, 2019Monday
27April, 2019Saturday

Marine park

Enjoy 2 hours in a glass bottomed boat to see marine life. The marine park is endowed with magnificent resources such as fringing reefs, coral gardens in the lagoons, sea grass beds, mangroves, mudflats, and high fish diversity, marine mammals (e.g. dolphins), turtles and various species of shorebirds.

Safari Blu

Spend the day snorkelling and swimming in water at the marine park. Stop on a beautiful Island inside the reefs for a lunch of grilled seafood and fresh tropical fruits.

Robinson Island

Two times United Nations Environment Award Winners.

Dream beaches waiting for you. Spend the day swimming in crystal clear water and enjoy a lunch of grilled lobster, fish and fresh fruit.

Nice place for relaxing, picnics, sun bathing and snorkelling. A variety of star fish, shell fish and other small fish can be spotted

Mida creek

Excellent Giriama guides will take you through the water-laced landscape of the creek and through the mangroves on a rickety walkway. You can also organise canoe trips from here. Best of all, this is a community project, so your visit helps the local people.

Gede Ruins

Hidden away in the forest, the ruins are a vast complex of houses, palaces and mosques, made all the more mysterious by the fact that there are no records of its existence in any historical texts.

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen

A colourful canyon which features an array of jagged gorges and tall chimneys, some of them rising up to 30 meters high. One of the most underrated sites on the Kenyan coast, an excursion out to Marafa depression is well worth the hour drive from Malindi.